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Investment Management

After meeting with us, clients choose from among several investment strategies that best fits their situation and investor profile. We then manage the portfolio on a discretionary basis with a goal of achieving the client’s longer-term objectives.

Prudently managing assets is more than simply buying different investment vehicles – it encompasses an entire process.

1. Define Client Investment Needs and Objectives

Helping clients identify their investment goals is the starting point behind the investment process. We assist our clients in determining their needs and objectives, time horizons, liquidity requirements and risk/return parameters.

2. Select Long-Term Investment Strategy

Clients select a long-term investment strategy based on their needs, goals and feelings about risk. We can help our clients when they make this important decision.

3. Appropriate Asset Allocation

A client’s long-term investment strategy serves as a basis for effectively allocating their portfolio among a broad set of asset classes. Asset classes are analyzed in terms of the magnitude of historical returns, expected future returns, as well as the historical risk associated with those returns to help decide what its neutral weighting will be in each of the investment strategies offered.

4. Selection of Specific Managers

We use sophisticated analytical tools and resources to identify the best managers for each asset class. We analyze their investment philosophy, buy/sell disciplines, research capabilities, consistency of investment approach, relative and absolute investment returns, variability of returns, manager experience and overall investment skill. We invest with managers we believe have passion, discipline, experience and expertise.

5. Monitor, Analyze and Report on Investment Results

We rely on several sources to help monitor market conditions to determine relative values and evaluate investment managers based on expectations and outcomes. We communicate ongoing information to clients.

6. Consider Changes in Objectives, Managers and to Strategies

Shifts in market or economic conditions or issues with specific managers are common reasons we consider making adjustments to an investment strategy. If a client has a change in their goals or objectives we can work with them to decide if changing their current investment strategy makes sense.

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