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Retirement Planning

When should you retire? Are you on track to retire when you want to? These can be difficult questions to answer. There are two components to consider.

Emotionally prepared. Are you emotionally prepared if you are nearing retirement?

Being financially prepared. We can prepare an objective evaluation so you can make a wise decision if now is the right time for you to retire or not or to see if you’re on track for when you do plan to retire.

We take your retirement goals seriously. By learning more about you, we can suggest realistic solutions for your retirement planning. Following our information gathering meeting, we prepare an evaluation and tell you what you need to do to effectively plan for retirement. This way, instead of dealing with undue stress, you can spend time doing what you have worked so hard your whole life planning to do.

In planning for your retirement, we evaluate your current resources and financial situation, pensions, Social Security benefits and other sources of income. Have a  401(k) or other retirement plan to rollover? Whether a partial or a full rollover, we can help with that, while also helping you analyze the potential benefits and risks of the financial decisions affecting a successful retirement. 

For more information about retirement planning, contact us today at 304 760-6000.